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Iranian Association of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
At the moment the country’s marine industries, (more than the other industries such as automobile industry) have the competitiveness potential in respect to foreign competitors. Therefore, in the long term it is more hoped to get into the international market and business. Meanwhile, the requirement of the country to this industry by considering the country’s geopolitical situation is necessary and needs serious plans. In addition, the wide scientific and industrial requirements will show that a con-sistent organization which can bring academics, experts and specialists together in the field of marine industries is required.
In this regard, the establishment of the Iranian Association of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineer-ing (IRANAME) as a response to the above-mentioned requirement happened in 1998 years. The founder members after several initial meetings succeeded to get the establishment permit from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in Aug. 1998. After that IRANAME started to get mem-bers. The membership conditions, vision, mission and targets in accordance with its constitu-tion were approved in the first general assembly by the members of the association in Dec. 1998

Since the first general assembly held in Dec. 1998 seven set of boards have been selected and finished their duties. At the 16th general assembly held in July 2014, the 10th board of directors was selected for two years.

 Iranian Association of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (IRANAME) have gained a longstanding national and international reputation for its excellent activities and also cooperation ties with other associations and institutions in the field of marine science and technology.
Marine industries in many countries particularly those having a wide access to coastlines are important because of creating effective employments in addition to moving the affiliated industries.
 Plenty of countries having marine industries, utilize variety of different innovative methods to keep their position high in the intermediate competitive territory. Certainly along with their rapid implemen-tation, the comprehensiveness of those methods can guarantee the development of every country in this field.

Mission of IRANAME
In order to reach to the determined goals, IRANAME is going to do the following activities:
- Doing the national and international scientific research by those who are related to the marine indus-tries and related fields
- Cooperating with administrative, scientific and research organizations with respect to education and research plans
- Promoting the distinguished researches and academics
- Providing education and research services
- Publishing books and reports

Membership Types

Individual member:
- Fellow member
- Member
- Associate member
- Student member

Organizational member
Honorary member

 IRANAME Organization
a) General assembly
b) Board of directors

Duty of General Assembly
1- Selection of the board and inspector members
2- Approval of the IRANAME policies
3- Evaluation and approval of the board/inspector proposals
4- Determination of the membership fees and the approval of budget and balance sheet
5- Approval of the constitute contents and changes
8- Evaluation and approval of the balance sheet and list of incomes and expenses

IRANAME Activities
At present, the association implements different kind of activities for the growth and development of marine industries in the country. Besides, this association provides the following services to all members with its potentials:

1- Following up marine industries affairs through of administration and related legislation organizations.
2- Holding scientific and professional seminars.
3- Publication and distribution of Marine Engineering magazine continually.
4- Publication and distribution of marine engineering Scientific-Research magazine.
5- Sending the news related to marine engineering to all members through the e-mail addresses.  
6- Rendering scientific information to all members.
7-Introduction of members through the web site of association. (
8-Providing immediate information & news from domestic & international marine activities & events in website ( regulatory.
9-Publicating and rendering all members’ specification in New Year calendar.
10-Invitation of members to participate in the annual seminar and its professional meetings of association.
11- Invitation of members to participate in the 8 professional committees.
12-Getting feedback from legal entities and reflecting their recommendations and opinions regarding their activities and the matters related to marine engineering.
13-Considering the special discount for all members in rendering services (advertisement, participation in seminars, exhibitions, etc.)
14-Edition & publication of year Book associated with introduction of Association’s Legal Entities. (Marine Industries year Book)
15- Enforcement marine entities grading project which Are members of association.
16- Coordination In order to Permanent Participation of Marine Industries in International Fairs.
17- Publication of Marine Engineering Journal in English and Persian at International Level.
At the present, the association has more than 500 individual members and also more than 170 organization. It is hoped that with the grace of God and the marine industries cooperation and marine experts, we will be  succeed in our efforts towards the flourish and expansion of this strategic industry in our Islamic country. 

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