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20th Marine Industries Conference
Iran International Maritime & Offshore Technologies Exhibition
17-19 December 2018

Organizers: Iranian Association of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering
and Kish Free Zone Organization in collaboration with other Marine Companies and Institutes

Address: No 8, Vahdat 4, Shahed St, Payambar St, Ashrafi Esfahani Expy, Tehran, Iran
Postal code:13445-874
Tel: +9821 44273495 - 7
Fax: +9821 44261045


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Conference Chairman: Dr. Bahaari
Professor, School of Civil Engineering, University of Tehran


Titles & Subjects of 20th Marine Industries Conference

Marine economy and management

Planning and policy making

Marine projects management

Financing methods

The marine marketing

Investment in marine industry

Marine tourism and ecotourism


Offshore oil and gas industry

Offshore oil and gas technologies

Offshore drilling rigs 

Marine reservoir production

FPSO & SPMstorage & export spread


Maritime transportation

Marine traffic and transport

Marine logistic and services

Bunkering procedures and ports


Health, safety, and environment in marine industry

Prevention of marine accidents

Marine search and rescue

Marine pollution

Marine environment protection methods


Marine renewable energy and new technologies

Instrumentation and control methods

Marine navigation, communication and electronics

Composite and new material

Robotic and underwater equipment

Fishing and aquaculture methods

Marine renewable energystrategy

New methods of exploitation for marine biological and non-biological resources


Ship design and construction

Design methods

Ship hydrodynamics

Ship maintenance and repair

Recycling methods

Equipment, machinery and propulsion systems


Coastal and offshore facilities

Port and coastal structures

Offshore platforms

Marine pipelines engineering

Fabrication and installation of offshore structures

Marine geotechnics

Corrosion and protection of marine structures


Rules, regulations and standards

National and international rules, standard and conventions

Marine insurance

Law of the sea

Marine labor convention


Oceanographic and meteorological Conditions

Marine hydrodynamic


Marine meteorology

Marine parameters measurement



Human resources

Supply and demand of marine expert manpower

Marine industrial workers and seafarers problems

Marine social and culture resources

Seafaring and marine engineering education


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