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The Research and Education Committee


The Research and training committee of the Naval Engineering Association is established with the aim of promoting the level of research and training in the area of naval activities and also to develop naval skills among the naval community of the country in particular among its members. This committee alongside other committees seeks to achieve the objectives and strategies of the association as approved by the general assembly in each round.
- Set up a data bank on the training, research and laboratory   equipment available for the members
- Identify the   research  and training requirements of the members
-facilitate the communications between members and research centers and academia
- Transfer  main research and training requirement of the members to the  relevant authorities
- Follow up the problems of the members associated with research and training o from decision making and executive bodies

Working  areas:
-    Hold regular meetings participated by real representatives of the association
-    Collect information related to research and training activities of the members
-    Examine and collect research and training requirements of the naval community in particular the members
-     Collaborate with the secretariat of the committees and the working groups of the marine industries supreme council , in particular the research and training and technology of the council
-    Cooperation with the marine science and technology  department  of the ministry of  research ,science and technology ,
-    Promote and encourage universities and training centers to develop interdisciplinary  fields in training centers and academia
-    Try to set up short term training courses to promote skills among the staff of the marine related companies

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