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Onshore and Offshore Engineering Committee


Regarding to the variety of onshore and offshore projects in Iran, especially in petroleum and gas fields during recent years, onshore and offshore engineering committee has been started its activities since 2006 to investigate the problems and challenges of this industry. In addition, it has been tried to solve these problems through logical recommendations and reasonable solutions to legislative and executive organizations. This committee should be known as a pioneer and reference committee in this industry in future.

1) Investigation and recognition of onshore and offshore industry problems and trying to solve them.
2) Making more connection and cooperation between active companies in onshore and offshore industries.
3) Extending the connections between companies with research center and relevant universities.
Task basis:
1) Strengthening and supporting the private sector, so that they are able to perform marine projects by creating a prioritized list of projects that Iranian companies can perform them.
2) Making a comprehensive database of experts and exact notification in order to utilize the graduate students in onshore and offshore engineering suitably.
3) Strengthening the committee to be a trustee reference for employers in this industry.
4) Determining a list of researches in this industry while announcing it to relevant universities and research institutes.
5) Attention to training and education of required experts for industry.
6) Providing documents and scientific articles in onshore and offshore industry for members (to be published in IRANAME magazines).

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