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Rules, Regulations and Standard Committee


Considering the importance of standards, rules and regulations in marine industry and the need to maintain the interaction and communication with relevant organizations and institutions, the association board has decided in its first meeting to establish the rules , regulations and standards committee with the help of experts and specialists. The main objective of the committee is to identify problems, issues related to standards and regulations in the maritime industry and provide solutions in order to optimize the use of available capacity of the maritime industry.
• Evaluation of requirements in the field of engineering and quality management systems in the maritime industry.
• Study rules and regulations in the field of offshore and standardization of offshore jobs.
• Study and evaluation of rules and standards related to construction and classifying of Steel, traditional and high speed vessels.
• Reviewing the custom regulations and presenting solutions to overcome issues related to sanctions.
• Interaction with Iranian National Standard Organization in line with drafting and adoption of maritime related standards.
• Define maritime jobs, establish requirements for training and competency approval of personnel.
• Developing interaction between regulatory organizations and institutions related to the development of naval rules and regulations and also users of services in this field.
Working topics:
The committee’s working topics are defined and followed in working groups:
• Define jobs, standards associated with offshore and analyze required instructions related to moving offshore platforms and servicing vessels.
• Study the marine engineering system, develop and approve the proposed plan of marine engineering system and providing practical solution.
• Study methods of dealing with sanctions in order to achieve the desired state of the maritime industry.
• Standardization of rules and regulations in the maritime field and cooperation with the National Standard Organization.
• Developing rules and regulations related to marine insurance and activities of shipping companies.
• Training and certification of personnel employed in offshore operations
• Developing rules and regulations related to the construction, maintenance and use of high speed crafts.

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