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The shipping and Seafaring Committee


-    Active and extensive presence  of shipping and seafaring companies in the programs and activities of the association
-    Identify and examine the problems and challenges of the shipping and seafarers and helping them to overcome them
-    Improve the quality of naval and sea faring transportations

Working Areas:
1)    Improving the fueling system for the ships in ports and harbors in Iran
2)    Coordination and supporting the potentials existing in services and beach maintenance for the ships in the ports and internal centers
3)    Develop and improve emergency related activities  and treatment services within the coastlines
4)    Create Free zones ( special docks for refuge) for fueling, provisions and  stopovers of the ships
5)     Develop meteorological information  with active stations for seafaring
6)    Provide equipment for receiving waste materials at the harbors
7)     Promote naval courts at the harbors in order to deal with naval disputes

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