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Self-Sufficiency in Materials, Technical Services and Equipment Suppluing Committee


The self- sufficiency committee has started its work since several years ago and in 2008 it was divided into 4 sub working groups for more effective output, overcoming challenges related to the members as follows:
1-    Advisory and engineering- technical services of the marine industries
2-    Manufacturing and maintenance of marine industries material and equipment
3-    Marine industries’ contractors
4-    Ranking and engineering  council for marine industries

Through regular meetings this committee intends to overcome the existing problems in the area of marine industries as far as possible

-    Establish  data bank on local manufacturing companies and providers of equipment and engineering services of the marine industries  through publication of  a book
-    Cooperation with the laws committee for evaluation and ranking of relevant companies based on their existing abilities and offering plans for their promotion
-    Interaction between different parts of the marine industries including manufacturers and costumers
-    Interaction with the relevant bodies in order to implement the laws pertaining to maximum use of domestic potentials
-    Pursuing challenges and problems of the members  and to reflect them to the relevant authorities
-     Provide support and funds through marine industries development fund, marine industries supreme council, Port and Maritime Organization, the banks  and  through the assistance of  deputy president for science and technology  in order to localize  marine equipment made by domestic  marine equipment manufacturing factories
-     Provide the grounds for more production  in three areas:1) Quality, 2) competitive price, 3) Duration for manufacturing marine equipment
-    Participation and holding exhibitions on marine equipment inside and outside the country supported by Iran Trade Development Organization as well as by marine industries development Fund, marine industries supreme council…
-     Collaboration with Iran Trade Development Organization
-       Chamber of Commerce, Councils of Europe , Africa and Asia  in order to display domestic products  and export of marine equipment

Working areas:
-    Follow up the plan for grouping  and ranking of manufacturing companies
-     Recording information on manufacturers of equipment, engineering materials and services
-    Cooperation with working groups of the marine industries council, hold different meetings with their secretariats
-     Offering consultation to the ministry of mines and industries and MPO on consulting companies and to benefit from their potentials in their projects
-     Assign the Iranian Ranking Institute to  be in charge of grouping the companies
-     Offer solutions for stabilizing the position of marine industries companies at national level
-     Offer solutions to receive low interest rate loans from domestic resources
-    Participation at exhibitions that are taken part by the ministry of mines and industries  in order to display the abilities of domestic manufacturers ( in order to achieve resistance economy)

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