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Shipbuilding Committee


Based on the needs of the maritime community the shipbuilding committee began its work several years ago with representatives from governmental and private sectors   taking part in regular meetings as members of the association.  By reviewing the problems related to maritime and marine industries, this committee intends to offer expert solutions to policymakers and executive authorities in order to help take effective steps in removing the obstacles and problems of ship building industry development.
-     Offer information on the existing opportunities for members( legal exemptions, special loans, incentives, how to benefit from resources existing in other provinces, foreign currency fund, managed funds plan, completion of supply chain…)
-     More effective follow up for macro scale matters related to the industry including, accelerating the implementation of laws on supporting and developing the marine industries
-    Provide a platform to pursue the  demands of the people involved in  the marine industry in an appropriate way
-    Provide more interaction  and synergy for conducting larger businesses between all active companies in  this sector  including  from the private and governmental sectors whether domestic or in relation to foreign companies
-    Focus on  the needs in an integrated way between producers, suppliers and service sectors
-     Create a trilateral interaction  between the costumers, manufacturers and the authorities involved in construction and maintenance of the ships
-    Evaluate and introduce better and larger projects annually and offer plaque of recognition from the association

Working areas:
-    Offer information to the members of the committee about the latest news on shipbuilding
-    Examine the problems of the marine industries  and offer solutions to the relevant authorities
-    Pursue the problems related to managed funds by the Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) by holding regular meetings with relevant banks and authorities  
-    Pursue problems of the ship builders from the decision makers and governmental authorities
-    Hold meeting with ship builders  and official authorities
-     Participate in expert meetings held by decision makers and ship building community
-     Visit field projects

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