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Student Committee


Since several years ago the students committee has began its work   with the intention of regulating and considering  the problems of students from universities related to maritime fields such as Amir Kabir university, Sharif university, Malek Ashtar university, Bushire Persian Gulf university, Chahbahar Marine Sciences  and Maritime University, Tehran University, Hormozgan, Babol Anushiravan,  Marine Sciences College of Tehran Azad university, Marine Sciences College of North Tehran Azad university, Marine Science of Khark university branch, Khoramshahr Marine Sciences, Nowshahr university, Mahmoudabad Oil industry, Khajeh Nasirudin  university, Iran Science and Industry university, Tarbiat Modarres university, Sahand Tabriz university, Qom university, Tabriz university, National Oceanology Research Institute, Chalous Maritime university, and Shahroud industrial university have introduced their representatives  to take part at these regular meetings while offering relevant solutions to the existing problems .
This committee intends to examine the problems of the students in maritime fields and to try and overcome them as much as possible. Of course, the students themselves are good potentials in the scientific and industrial plans and this committee is a suitable place for better and more effective relationship between students and the association.
- Active   and extensive participation of students in the activities of the association
- Hold meetings with directors and offer solutions in order to overcome the students’ problems such as financially supporting their dissertations and services required for different university degrees
- Students’ participation in national and international conferences and prepare relevant manuals
- Offer training on special software and prepare relevant manuals
- Create a contact system between the students and the industry
- Examine university texts and making amendments in the curricula where necessary
- prevent joblessness among students by the university professors and make a radical change in the trainings by updating the old texts
 -  provide field visits for the students and overcome their   financial problems for this matter
- Provide the means to attract the students from all engineering and technical fields as members of the associations   and prepare relevant regulations
- Invite at least two foreign professors for special subjects in the universities
 Identify and examine all issues and problems related to students and endeavor to overcome them through the association

Working areas:
-Pursue the plan for students training course on maritime industry centers and how to have better and more effective interaction
-Hold training courses for students in two primary and advanced levels, if possible holding them in different cities
- Examine the issue on military services for male graduates in maritime fields,   to spend their services in non military marine centers or marine industries organizations and marine forces of the army and Sepah
- Students’ collaboration with the website and marine engineering journal by sending news, scientific papers, dissertations and research papers
- Collect dissertation abstracts from relevant universities and to upload them at the website
-Convene regular monthly scientific forums
-Help students have active participation at marine industries conferences and specialized seminars
-Hold joint meetings with directors and authorities from marine industries  in order to create a positive interaction and the possibility of employing graduates in this field
 Hold interviews with relevant bodies

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